Like most fans of Batman/Superman, I’m a little terrified by the upcoming movie, and seeing more footage from Batman vs Superman has done nothing to alleviate that concern. They are trying to cram too much into that movie. They’re drawing on good source material (the fourth act of Miller’s Dark Knight Returns), but they’ve inverted the dynamic between the two characters. Batman is the police figure and Superman is the renegade now. It’s hard to see how that inversion will work. I’ve also lost faith in the director. I think he makes spectacularly good movie trailers, but is largely unable to sustain a narrative without everyone getting bored. That’s a problem.

Star Wars is looking good, but the bar is pretty low after the prequels. As most people have pointed out, J.J. Abrams kind of sort of made a pair of Star Wars films already; he just called them Star Trek.

I am hopeful for suicide squad. After the first reveal of Leto’s Hipster Joker, I was kind of frightened in the wrong way. Seeing moving footage was good, though. The film itself will hinge, for me, on Harley Quinn, who is the best damn superhero character not yet filmed, and on Will Smith, who has a tendency to take over a film. It has to be an ensemble or it won’t work. Quinn has to be a character, not a sex symbol, or it won’t work. Fingers-crossed.

An R-rated Deadpool is a very good idea.

Another comic-con gone. Some good stuff this year all-around…though I’m still more excited about the FF7 remake announcement from E3.


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